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Welcome to Brimek Electrical Solutions (Pty) Ltd

We are focused on opportunities in the Technical Advisory, Telecommunication, Security systems and Electrical Construction fields. Our team’s engineering experience in the Electrical industries allows us to Develop/customise suitable solutions for our clients.

We are a licensed electrical contractor to implement Life Time Reliability Solutions i.e. Electrical Installation and maintenance. Electrical inspections and testing to ensure that electrical installations are complying with South African national standards (SANS). Security systems (access control, cctv, burglar alarm and electric fence) installations and maintenance to ensure security of property owner’s assets. Public announcement system installation and maintenance to ensure better communication when making announcements in the building.

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Who We are

We Are Brimek Electrical Solutions

Our business focuses in Electrical, Telecommunications and Security Systems.

Electrical Construction, Testing and Commissioning
Our customised solutions focus in electrical maintenance and installations with a focus in the following key sectors: Domestic, Commercial and Industrial. We have Registered Installation Electricians and our artisan is in a process of obtaining Master Installation Electricians License for wiring and installations in Hazardous locations according to SANS 10142 and SANS 10108.

We offer reliable solutions for building public announcements installations and maintenance.

Security Systems
We ensure a reliable security by installing the best access control system, CCTV, burglar alarm and electric fence.

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We provide three key services: Telecommunication, Security systems and Electrical Construction fields.


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